Bursting with Joy



This morning I really woke up grateful because yesterday “Wednesday” was so wonderful. I had an ephiphany that I realized that friendship has to be the best gift we have been given for our benefit to live and be happy. 

My day started out with a warm hug and helpful advice from a good friend who inspires me all the time then I spent the afternoon with amazing friends who share and listen and laugh and we are all so different. My day ended with an incredible email from a friend who is far away right now that affirmed for me how much these people mean to me and how my day only gets better when I spend time talking, walking, listening, laughing and just being with one another. 

Really how much better can my life be? I plan on writing many WTF-Wednesday posts about these special people because just being with them makes me happy and I really do burst with joy because of them. 

Thank you God for friendship. What a wonderful gift. For that I am truly grateful.


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4 Responses to Bursting with Joy

  1. justonemorebook says:

    Your friendship is a gift I cherish, Andree. Thank you immensely for being a big part of our family of choice — the absolute best kind of family. Lucky us.

  2. travellarge says:

    Beautiful blogpost – and so true! But remember that you are blessed with wonderful friends because you are a wonderful friend!

  3. You see I was right and thank you my friend.

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