Becky, My Sister-in-Law

WTF Wednesdays:

My Sister-in Law Becky

Becky is the sister I always wished I had growing up. Lucky me that I married a great guy who had a wonderful brother who found this extraordinary woman to marry so that we could be sisters-in- law.

She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend to many. Becky is energetic, creative, fun loving, passionate, beautiful, powerful, adventurous and inspiration to be around.

Becky takes on many roles in her life from innkeeper, team leader, outdoor enthusiast, foodie, party planner, host, entertainer, cyclist, skier, boxer and Catechist teacher.

In The Beginning

347Becky and I met for the first time at my wedding rehearsal in 1998 because she lived across the country.  Getting to know one another would be a  challenge that weekend what with all of the last minute wedding details but she jumped right into help. The 2nd time we met was later that year at her wedding. It was an incredible year for the two of us marrying our dream guys and officially becoming sisters.

Epic Then

201Due to the great distance between us getting to know each other has consisted of many phone calls, emails, texts and cards filled with Hershey kisses. Becky has made sure since having children that a yearly visit back here was a  must for them and we were the beneficiaries of that visit because they always made time for us and our kids. It is because of their commitment, time, money and energy that has given us the time together to build our relationships as a family.

Even though we live a couple of thousand kilometers apart, Becky has manged to influence my life by inspiring me to get a midwife for my second child. It was something I never would have considered without her suggestion. Having a home birth is an experience of a lifetime and I am truly grateful for her support at that time. Thank you sista.


Epic Now

IMG_2551These days we have our one “long weekend” planned each summer at her family’s cottage. We are so blessed to be invited and share in such a unique and wonderful time where our two families mix together and great memories are created that are priceless. My kids have no idea how blessed they are to have an Aunt like Becky.

Our lives are moving fast these days but anytime I receive a phone call or text from her it always brightens my day.


University of Becky


1. Always pray about it.

2. Every problem is an opportunity to make things better.

3.  Create good things in your life.

4. Don’t be afraid to have fun.

5. Sitting on the “dock” with Becky will instantly make you glad you are alive.


Fantasy Fabulosity

imageThinking up a dream trip is easy because we are always talking about what we will do to get our families together more often. We would of course still spend our weekend at the cottage since that is already fabulous.  At Christmas time we would fly out west and spend a week skiing together. Once we were sick of the cold we would fly down to Las Vegas and stay at The Flamingo to soak up the sun, splash around in the lazy river, listen to great music and enjoy extravagant meals. As soon as we were finished indulging we would jet off to Italy to start a month long bike tour and wind it up in Rome where we would go and celebrate mass at The Vatican.

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