Ethiopian Food

I was not feeling so grateful this past month due to throwing myself deep into studying for an upcoming exam. I was completely wrapped up on studying, reading, memorizing and doing math problems. I was emotionally drained and creativity which I find challenging to begin  with was no where to be seen. I almost gave up on trying to write a blog post because really was it that important to “my” life?

Then one day this sweet person 007sent me this picture070


just because I told her how much I loved eating Ethiopian food. She wanted me to know that there was another restaurant in town just because she does things like that because she cares about “others“. She is the reason I started up this blog.

Thank you for reminding me why I need to continue to write about who and what I am grateful for in this life while I am still around to be able to it.

This blog was never about me.

Thanks Andrea!


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1 Response to Ethiopian Food

  1. justonemorebook says:

    Awwww…. Thank you!
    You and I need to try that place sometime soon!

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