Lee, My Brother-In-Law

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WTF Wednesdays:

My Brother-in-law Lee



Lee is  forthright, intelligent, curious, clear, creative, enterprising and a visionary.

He is a husband, father, brother and son. He is an entrepreneur,  innkeeper, wilderness expert, off trail skier, hiker, furniture builder, a fix it guy, a canoe camper and a real live hero.


In The Beginning

Thank goodness for little brothers because if it was not for Lee then I don’t know if I would be married to my husband now. When Lee called his brother to tell him that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, that instantly made my  husband realized that he had better decide one way or the other. I couldn’t wait to finally meet Lee and thank him in person which ended up being at our wedding which we managed to schedule 6 months before he married.

 Epic Then

A quick call at all the major holidays. Cards being sent between our families. A couple of visits from Lee as he passed through our city  was all the real time we had with Lee in those early years. It has been fun getting to know Lee because he seems always cheerful especially when he calls. I always enjoyed have our discussions on topics of religion, schooling and life.

Epic Now


Regular Face Time chats and once a year weekend at the cottage is the way we stay connected these days. Even though we live so far away we feel closer than ever because of Lee and his consistent communication with our family. He is always the first to call.


University of Lee


1. Never be afraid to ask.

2. There is endless opportunities.

3. How to be the “good” son.

4. Call the people you love often.

5. What to do when a grizzly bear attack.



Fantasy Fabulosity

IMG_2499One day in the foreseeable future, Lee and I will canoe the 202 km of the Rideau Canal from Kingston to Ottawa. We will tackle the 47 locks and 24 lock-stations then at night we will find a great place to eat a delicious meal and then camp overnight. Each morning will be slightly overcast and warm as we paddle the waterway and learn about the oldest canal built in North America. On arriving into the capital city we would finish off downtown, meet up with our families and find a great place in the Byward market for lunch to celebrate completing our journey.

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